The portfolio is an essential part of application to any Art School and it is advised that preparation should begin well before a student’s senior year.   Most schools require 12 -15 pieces for application and submission.  This vital representation of a potential art student should reflect their strengths through a strong skills base and willingness to experiment.    It should also show a variety of styles and methods exhibiting a passion for art.  Work should be done from direct observation from life showing a student’s uniqueness and vision through their own” interpretation of their subject.  A variety of subjects that can range from still life, landscape, interiors, figure drawing, self portraits and more should be part of the content of the portfolio.  Drawings and paintings tend to be the staple of every portfolio so it is vitally important to begin honing your skills as early as possible.  Successful drawings rest on the ability to “observe and interpret” and successful paintings are built up from successful drawings.

Over the years, I have prepared many young students for application for further education to art schools and programs of art.  A number of students have pursued careers as teachers, fashion designers and illustrators.  Studio preparation is geared to the student’s specific goals and the development of strong foundation skills. I recommend having at least 20-30 solid pieces to choose from by the time senior year rolls around.  Each school will give its own emphasis to the content and quantity of pieces for admission: so it is a good idea to have a good body of work to select from.